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Mon, Jul. 11th, 2005, 02:52 am
fallenreliquary: (no subject)

ebony pavement,
with blueberry rain.
soft water streams,
and chocolate puddle spray.
the yellow boots fall,
into the quite of the night,
in the calming storm,
a childs delite.

Mon, Jun. 27th, 2005, 02:42 am
fallenreliquary: (no subject)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A poem i wrote...yep

Home is where the heart is
Then my head rests on the pavement
And it was 3 story fall
From your heart to the asphalt
Come morning, your thoughts will be on me
Come morning, ill be engraved in stone.
Like the emotions, from your actions, you condone.

The yarn ball slowly dwindles
And spills onto the pavement
I’m just a tangled mess
It’s all knots and pulled so tight
Cutting off circulation to
To everything and everyone around me
To my emotions and memory
By the time you come to realized
Ill be carried away,
The chalk silloette is all that will be left

Wed, Feb. 16th, 2005, 12:47 pm
silentwitness: (no subject)

I wave into the darkness at my sweet insanity.
I wash away the dirt that has long encumbered me.
I wait for something out there, that might not be there at all.
I watch for something greater, not noticing I fall.
I wish for calm serenity to take over my mind.
I want the peace I've seen before, but still have yet to find.
I wonder what's before me down this long and lonely road.
I wander forward blindly, under this my heavy load.
I weep into the stillness of that great expanse of grey.
I will myself to move on toward the distant light of day.

I hope that someday very soon something of me might break through,
but I fear that the end of the journey holds nothing true.
Maybe yet my miracle can hope to have its day,
so I lie in wait and watch and wish until it finds its way.

Tue, Oct. 12th, 2004, 04:10 pm
poetic_insanity: follow the horned one

Don’t think you’ll ever solve the puzzle with missing pieces
always making a big deal out of a small thing
it’s only small because that’s how you see it
but me, well I see it differently
incidents will bring casualties

warm hands turn cold
fingertips dipped in gold

the future holds more, more, more
fucking sex, weed & ex, rock & roll

blow the man downstairs
the red man with the horns sitting on a wooden chair
then get the hell out of there

go take a shower
fix your hair
make-up’s smudged everywhere

hiding in a crowded street
asking, why they always stare at me

once again in heat
no one cares
they don’t know me

I am made of grass you smoke
alcohol runs through my soul
a bad temper now grabs a hold
as soon as you fuck me over
you’ll see

furiously screaming out disturbing poetry
to a non-intoxicated society
representing me and my
oh my

how high should I jump
the horned maggot wants to cum
from where do you come?

From beyond the ocean fronts
losing ones self inside myself
literally feel your skin melt
so heart felt through situations followed by illegal vaccinations

use your chakras
hold on tightly to meditation

while the world we live in remains fighting
a war worth buying

pacing back and forth
trying not to notice the force
pouring down onto my dead head
near the ending

destroy, destroy

Get rid of the fight
no more deaths
brainwashed by political insight

Beat me to a pulse
the only way I’ll give up
hear the people fuck
unaware of bad luck

in my head the bombs erupt
the missiles screeching, screaming

‘shut the fuck up!!!’

silence soon takes over
only planes fly by
out of nowhere children’s cries
as final bullets pierce their eyes

someone’s nightmare has come to life

guns go click
president likes this
it hardens his dick

another one meets death now

tree hugger here
a feminist punk
a hippie man
any fucking thing you want

hold onto it tightly
hold onto it now

soon they’ll be after you
yeah, soon they’ll track you down

don’t look forward to another day
can’t you tell, I’m really not playing

shame on antiwar soldiers
always looking over their shoulders

the easiest way to go is to get shot in the back of the head
it’s easier said

you’re just a child
now your just dead

who’s life is next to end
go call your only friend
pretend it’s all ‘okay’
while you bleed to death one day

cry hysterically
like child pornography

so far we’re nobody
simply the kings servants & knights

we can’t be one
can’t share the moon & the suns
crying away, leaning foreheads on life taking guns

not proud anymore

punch a wall
slam a door

a flower turns whore
giving up her innocence so her family can escape to shore

who should stay
who should go
have your pick
their destiny is yours to hold

while control freaks
self minded leaders take over the future of the people
I smoke grass
watching Vietnam vets share their needles

silence can be bold
one must be loud just not as cold
sharing thoughts with old souls that follow
swallow everything that the man offers

protesters against violence become victims of crooked officers
itchy trigger fingered fathers

don’t mind me though
I’m just bothered.


Mon, Oct. 4th, 2004, 03:52 pm
silentwitness: (no subject)

The Darkness weeps
the tears of a thousand broken stars.
The pain of a hundred ill-fated worlds.

It's a grey sorrow.
Shaded for doors never opened,
lives never lived,
sights never seen,
voices never heard.

The Silence has stolen them all.

Mon, Jun. 28th, 2004, 05:07 pm
fallenreliquary: (no subject)

Darker Shades of Blue
by me

I’ve seen
Darker shades of blue
I’ve seen better
distguished lies of fancy
And you don’t show much,
You, love, I
Can’t take this anymore
Why is my heart on a scale?
And the words of never
Will eventually come to fail

All this resentment is just a plus
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
Girls are a drag and a must
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
So you break me fine, then you lie
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
Well that’s a crime but why, but why
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
I thought you said our love was worth the try
All I ever wanted was a happy ending

I’ve had
Better tasting poison
I’ve had
Been in emptier rooms
The truth has never been so transparent
You, hate, I
Want to forget with style
Pocket all the regrets?
I liked you for a while
Lets start the bloodletting
I’m sick of all the sensible denial

All this resentment is just a plus
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
Drama and heartbreak is a must
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
So you break me fine, then you lie
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
Well that’s a crime but why, but why
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
I thought you said our love was worth the try
All I ever wanted was a happy ending
Break me like the night sky....
All I ever wanted was an end

I am rubber, and you are glue
Take the shit I give you.

I am rubber, and you are glue
Take the shit I give you.


Wed, Apr. 28th, 2004, 01:36 pm
nightpoem: two untitled poems

Voices unspoken and words unwritten
a silenced soul and a heart forgotten
A wind that carries away everything
but the pain
The barren trees in the desolate ground
Tears that fall from the sorrowful moon,
they fall silently and are swallowed up
by the opaque darkness


Did you know how much I loved you
Did you know how much I cared
Did you know that when you left me,
you left me in despair?

Do you know how much I cried?
Didn't you see the tears?
You must have been too busy
to notice all my fears.

Do you know how much I suffer?
Do you know about the pain?
Reflected in this doleful poem
as I go insane.

Tue, Apr. 6th, 2004, 07:05 pm
silentwitness: (no subject)

There's something in the air tonight.

A tingling, ringing, jingling feeling.

It's soft, light, real in the pit of my stomach. Anticipation that fills the air with subtle charges of vibrant electricity. I hum with it, and so the objects around me.

The Waiting is terrible, but incomparable to not knowing what I'm waiting for.

I watch, listen. My senses are heightened to points I'd never considered. The very air is alive with so many little particles of truth and reality.

Fear enters the picture now, slowly and sweetly, a soft afternoon shadow casting it's presense over serene gardens. The tension becomes less enthusiastic and more unnerving. The air tingles yet with untold possiblities, but those possiblities are increasingly ominous.

Whatever I am waiting for cries for attention. But do I give it, it might just break me.

So I sit in silence, trying not to squirm, writhe, move in any direction. My next choice could be the wrong one.

But abruptly choice is ripped violently away from me, and the waiting ends as I'm suddenly

Tue, Mar. 9th, 2004, 08:01 pm
myrealpsyche: (no subject)

Have you ever really looked at a rose? It rained recently, just as a rose was blooming. The water droplets were clinging to its petals. I have white roses with fuscia tips, so as the days went on, the rose opened into a flower of the purest white tipped in passion and fury. It was a beautiful rose, the width of my outstetched palm. One morning, I held it to smell. The next day the outer petals were withered and brown, as if the greatest of all evils had vandalized it. It no longer had that grace and dignity that it once possessed. Now, the petals are falling off. The side walk is covered in a shower of innocent rose petals that still had the hint of life in them. People are just like this rose. We are fragile and sensitive, yet we have that fervor and desire to see life lived to the fullest. Our hearts can become easily corrupted and we fall apart. Sometimes the reason isn't an outside evil, but ourselves. Sometimes we corrupt ourselves. Then, we fall apart and die. With each touch of corruption, a little piece of our soul dies, just as each rose petal died.

Fri, Feb. 20th, 2004, 10:53 pm
myrealpsyche: A Sliver

The moon is but a sliver,
Small, thin, and sharp:
An immense blade to make one shiver.
It is a beacon bright
Forever purposely glowing
With a reflection of day's light.
Sent here to remind
Us of earlier
Days and actions which are behind.
A messenger of Time,
It is a warning
To do good until we hear Death's chime.

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