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Wed, Feb. 7th, 2007, 10:01 pm
alphadoc: In Silent Slumber

In Silent Slumber

Deep within the womb of Mother Earth,
In Silent Slumber,
A man more humbler
than myself, lies making merry mirth no
More. Only twenty-nine years since his birth.

Cherished, loving brother that was he,
No longer holds breath,
Immersed in dark death,
Who can not see the tear stains on my cheeks.
And left me in this wretched agony.

In my dreams we both are babes at play.
Our long walks to school,
Are over too soon,
And I must rise and face alone the day.
Without his smile and tender, loving ways.

Untimely life's end of my white knight,
How grim The Reaper,
Who is his Keeper,
Holds him prisoner, such dread company,
Arise my sweet to come and walk with me.

He'll no longer be my troubadour,
His soul a lost fight,
Now seeks the bright Light,
Awaits for me to shelter him once more,
Eternal bliss beckons me to his door.

Ember Nelson: "The Race Towards the Light: Hardscrabble"

Chapter 4: In Silent Slumber, pp77-78